Chemical Cleaning Systems Pty (Ltd)

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We have released our new pricelist

Please note that price list is valid from 2019/08/01 to 2020/07/31


Welcome to Chemsys

About Us

The company started in the early 80"s, manufacturing powder detergents for supply to the Catering Industry via distributors. Changing hands in 1990, new products were introduced to expand the business to where it is today. We are still supplying distributors but have widened our market to include soap shops, contract cleaners, retailers, hawkers and specialist markets, supplying a complete range of cleaning products. All our products are sold unlabelled. This offers our customers the opportunity to market their own brand names whilst being assured of having strong technical and marketing support. The complete product range is available at Counter Sales for collecting customers.

Mission Statement

To remain innovative and creatively balance the financial and human needs of our employees, customers and suppliers, while looking to the future and working together towards partnerships that last.





  1. To keep abreast of International developments in the field of cleaning chemistry.
  2. To build profitable partnerships with our customers.
  3. To continue delivering quality products and service to the industry, whilst remaining in harmony with the environment.